Getting Married In Prague?

Prague is one of the most famous destinations among honeymooners or those who want to get married outside their country. Ceremonies usually last for about 30 minutes or sometimes less. But before that, you and your partner must submit all the requirements or documents needed to authenticate your marriage. These documents are required whether you are getting a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. There are now various wedding agencies in Prague where you can get the list of the essential documents so you could get it in your local country before heading to Prague.

First of all, you must have your birth certificate as well as the birth certificate of your wife or spouse to be. You cannot present a photocopied birth certificate. Only those who can present authentic or certified copies of their birth certificates may be allowed to get married in Prague.

Another document that is needed before getting married in Prague is the paper that would certify that both of you are no married. They also call this as the Certificate of No Impediment. You must get this certificate to your local registry at least 6 months before you have your wedding in Prague. On the other hand, if any of you got married prior to your relationship, you must present a Divorce Decree Absolute from the court. The copy must be certified or notarized before heading to Prague.

The two requirements are essential if you want to have a civil destination wedding in Prague. However, if you wish to perform this joyous event having a religious ceremony there are more documents that you need to present so you could get married in Prague. One of which is the baptismal certificate of both the groom and the bride to be. Furthermore, you must also prove that you have finished the Marriage Preparation Course that is offered in Prague as well. There must also be a Letter of Delegation coming from your priest. Whether you opt for a Catholic wedding or Protestant wedding, civil wedding ceremonies are no longer pre-requisite. This means that you could have the grandiose Protestant wedding or Catholic wedding in Prague as soon as you have submitted all the necessary documents.

You must also see to it that all the important documents mentioned above must be given to the Prague wedding agency of your choice at least 30 to 60 days before your desired wedding schedule. They still need enough time to translate all your documents to Czech. This is required by their Czech law. It is also the Prague wedding agency who will prepare and get the documents that are needed from the Czech authorities.

Moreover, make sure that you have brought with you other cards with your name and picture just so you have something to show just in case the Czech authorities look for some (IRS identification etc is overkill!). There are times that they are still looking for other identification cards aside from your passport. As long as you have all the essential documents with you, you are on your way to a romantic and happy wedding in Prague.